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Are Branding and Marketing the same thing? Branding vs. Marketing

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Does Branding Come first? Or Does Marketing come first?

Branding and marketing, are not only important, for the organizations, they are equally important for the internal functions also. when you lead a particular function, you are CEO of the function, it’s your responsibility that your function is branded and marketed well. You may be offering the best of the solutions, but if your function is not branded and marketed well, your efforts may go unnoticed and you don’t get the expected level of visibility as a leader.

Branding Comes First

Branding: What you will deliver?

  • What Feelings People Have For You.
  • What You Are.
  • What Makes You Unique.
  • What People Are Saying About You.
  • What You Want To Achieve.
  • What You Value.
  • What You Are Saying.
  • What You Look Like.

Marketing Comes Second​

Marketing: How you will deliver?

  • How You Are Communicating.
  • How You Are Delivering.
  • How You Are Unique.
  • How You Will Make Money.
  • How You Grow Your Business.
  • How You Are Writing.

“You Can’t Market a Brand You Haven’t Designed Yet”

It’s very important to course correct this situation. This course “Learning and Development Branding & marketing” can help you with a quick solution. By applying learnings from this course, you can elevate the level of branding and marketing of your function, and get a good acceptance among employees and recognition from the leadership.


What Branding and Marketing includes?

Frist Branding

Logo , Identity , Competition , Personality , Mission , Vision , Message , Audience , Values , Trust

Second Marketing

Social Media, Radio, Print , Website , Advertising , Stats , Voice , Content , Research , SEO

You can establish acceptance, visibility, and recognition for your function. How to make, your function more and more reachable, to the employees, so that they feel comfortable, reaching out to learning and development functions for their training needs.

Set up a continuous reporting mechanism for the employees. by the continuous reporting of the learning, to the employees, you will make learning active in their brain as well as in their behavior. You will ensure that learning never takes a back seat in their mind and employees are working continuously to keep their learning muscles active.

Reward and recognition to the learners, as well as to the trainers. the recognition to the learners, and the trainers, will help you, to create motivation among the employees and get more participation for your learning initiatives.

Establish your learning and development functions better among the employees and the leaders.

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